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Custom Kitchen Island with Handmade Walnut Top!

 Isn’t this thing beautiful!

Immediately after deciding the ASHouse was the home for us we started planning, focusing mostly on the kitchen. We knew right away that putting in an island would work better for us rather than using the existing breakfast nook. 

Since our budget had just taken a huge hit with the opening of The Pine I knew I had to get creative. I started researching various options and voila…stock base cabinets. We now had a base with storage.

Now for the top…My sister-in-laws father is a master with raw wood. His hobby is making the most fabulous bowls. But, I also knew that he has made 2 countertops and had mentioned on several occasions how spectacular I thought they were. He offered to make us one and goodness it is a work of art! He hand picked each walnut board, assembled and shellacked, shellacked, shellacked. Below are pictures of the top while still a work in progress at his shop.

After several weeks I finally received the call I could come pick it up. I Immediately brought it home and attached it to the island.

The island seats 4 comfortably and is wrapped in bead board on 3 sides.

We sit around this island for every meal! It is so special to have a work of art in our kitchen that was made by someone in our family and to know that it was designed and made just for us!

Ronan Dining Chair…On SALE!


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