Basement Bedroom Switch-aroo


When we moved P had a full time, traveling sales job and need a home office. We are now lucky enough to have 2 bonus rooms in our new home and a couple of extra guest bedrooms.

Basement guest bedroom
Basement Guest Bedroom

 He decided to take the guest bedroom in the basement (bonuses…windows and its own access), leaving the windowless bonus room as our basement guest room.

Basement bonus room
  Basement bonus room
Basement Bedroom Before

Since the restaurant opened and P isn’t using his home office anymore I have been thinking that we should actually use the bedroom as a bedroom.

As luck would have it EH had a day of camp and what a better way to spend my morning alone than rearranging furniture! My absolute favorite past-time! So, while he was away at camp I have flip flopped the home office and the basement bedroom.



IMG_3612 IMG_3613

I also sewed some simple valances these past few evenings to add a dash of color.


I hope that this switch-aroo will make our guest feel more welcome and want to keep coming back to stay!



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