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Wednesday Wish List


There is nothing better than receiving a hand written note! They are so personal and you know, no matter how short and sweet or long and sappy the writer put thought into what they had to say.

What makes a personal note even better…personal stationary. There is nothing better than getting stationary as a gift! Even better, it is always interesting to see what others perceive of your personality through what they pick for you!

I have recently seen many beautiful sets of stationary on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and Blogs I follow. The ones that are catching my attention most are the watercolor crests, logos and prints that “tell your story”. I would have a hard time coming up with what depicts me best?

Below are some of my favorite artists…

I Dream of Jeanne


Kearsley LLoyd


Rachel Rogers Design



Art is another thing that I find to be so personal and hard to choose.

The Pine discovered and displays photographer/artist Lucky Charms and Beer. She photographs rustic landscapes and animal “mug shots”. Her eye is fabulous and the photos often tell a small story about the animal.


A Painted Gift is another artist who will turn your treasured places, family members and pets into wonderful watercolors. She can be found on Facebook- a Painted Gift



 This Pineapple (Blue) wallpaper by Rifle Paper Co is definitely on my “wish list”. It would be the perfect addition to the ASHouse powder room.



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