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Master Bath Makeover 

This week, while EH was away at camp, our Master bathroom got a mini make over.  

Before & After

Before, this bath, like the other 2.5, was covered in Maroon, Navy & Green wallpaper.  I started by removing all the light fixtures and wall plates. 

The brass sconces above the mirror were spray painted silver.  

Valspar Metalic-Silver

Next to strip the wallpaper I used a homemade solution of Amonia, scented fabric softener and hot water in a spray bottle.  This has worked well for me since I discovered it.  After all the wallpaper was down I started working on sterling silver chandelier from my parents remodel they no longer wanted!


It was in pretty bad shape, but after one pretty decent scrubbing with silver polish, needs a few more, it’s starting to resemble silver.   


I installed the chandelier where a recessed can light existed with a kit from HomeDepot

After all of the wallpaper was removed and the walls patched & sanded I started painting. I used one of my all time favorite colors by Benjamin Moore: Saybrooke Sage HC-114, but had Lowes mix it since I’ve had such good results with their paint lately. It truly covers in one coat!  

There is still much more to do…window treatments, hardware, bath mats/rugs, art, etc, but for now this is the after. 


I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! EH and I are off to Savanannah for an extended weekend with my Sis-in-law & cousins! 


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