Back to School

And just like that Summer Is OVER! EH still has 2 more weeks until he starts back but my mind is gearing up for fall and is totally in Back to School mode.

In an attempt to get EH excited about going back to school I created a calendar with pictures of events and a count down to the 1st Day of School. IMG_8087So far I have only completed August -November, but I hope to quickly print out December and possibly January.

While Perusing the dollar section @ Target I found these alphabet magnets and grabbed a couple… they are great for keeping EH’s calendar in a convenient space for him to see.


Each calendar notes birthdays with a picture of the person celebrating, important school dates (muffins with mom, school pictures, etc), holidays/vacations and don’t forget the UGA football games with pictures of mascots.

IMG_8088 IMG_8089 IMG_8090 IMG_8091

Back to school means new teachers, new classmates and new friends. Several times last school year I thought about how I really didn’t know the parents of EH’s friends and made a mental note to do something about it. Im ashamed to admit, I never did. This year I am planning a get together for the moms…

I’v been scouring the pages of Pinterest for ideas.

IMG_8094 IMG_8093

I love the idea of a coffee break, but many of the moms work and10am isn’t a very convenient time. Im thinking something early evening, the week they go back would be best.


Gotta love the straw flag: “Hurry Kiddos you’ll miss the bus”

I hope everyone is finding time to enjoy this crazed time of year. I do wish the weather was more fall like, but we’ve got weeks, if not, months till cooler temps arrive.

See you soon…


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