Cleaning schedule

Keeping your sanity when you almost triple your space…

A cleaning schedule!

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I’ve been debating on whether or not to post (worried you might think I am nuts) but decided to after a friend called me to ask about my cleaning schedule. She had recently moved into a much larger home and with a full time job and toddler she was beyond overwhelmed.

No, I am not type A…or at least I don’t think I am. But I can not relax if the house is a disaster. Now before I go any further let me explain, when I say clean, I mean picked up. I have a three year old, my house is never clean. I can vacuum and turn around to find a little person with muddy boots standing behind me or an entire bowl of cheerios scattered all over. I would be horrified to see a white glove in my home!

blond cartoon maid

Last year we, too, moved into a much larger home and with the opening of a restaurant and our decision for me to stay home with EH I  lost my cleaning lady. An overwhelming panic quickly set in. So, I did what most us us Moms do…I took to Pinterest. And, after much research I came up what a plan and a schedule that works for me.


To make sure I keep up with it all I use the “Reminders” app on my iPhone. Every chore has a date and “suggested” time so a reminder will ding. I have to mark it complete or snooze it. As you can see below I am a little behind of a few…

Every bathroom also has a basket filled with disinfecting wipes, comet, rubber gloves and a toiled bowl brush. Having this with in reach makes it easier to clean and when things are easier you’ll do them more often. Having to lug a cleaning bucket of supplies around is chore in itself.

  I found the basket at TJ Maxx, perfect size. Disinfecting wipes come in a 2 pack at Target and the dollar store has comet, toilet bowl brushes and gloves.

Hopefully you will find some (or all) of this helpful.

Wishing you all a fabulous Monday!


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