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Wednesday Wish List

Wow those summer days sure did fly by…And now, even though its still pretty toasty outside, Im gearing up for fall! Football season is knocking on the door and hopefully the temps will start to fall sooner rather than later.

Here are a few fabulous fashion finds from the last week that were added to my “Wish List”

I just discovered Mi Golondrina. It is a clothing line designed by Cristina Lynch in Texas. She designs dresses, blouses, bottoms, childrens wear, jewelry and bedding. Because of my obsessive love for navy this dress is on my “Wish List”

I have a love for shoes. These Wingtip Oxfords will be a fabulous addition to my fall wardrobe!

With a toddler high end clothing is not a smart buy for everyday wear. Turns out Old Navy shirts fit me well.  This Boyfriend Plaid Pullover is a must in NAVY and will be very versatile.

I ran into a lady at Lowes the other day and the entire time we were chatting I couldn’t help but drool over her earrings, so I had to complement her on them. I just knew they were family heirlooms, so imagine my excitement when she said they were from Dillards! This picture does not do them justice.

  I saw these fabulous Pagoda Lamp Finials on Instagram via SouthernHeather, sold by RandSLiving on Etsy. Now to decide which lamp(s) they will look best on!

Football season is right around the corner. I am always in search of items that make tailgating easier. I was at Walmart yesterday in search of baskets to organize EH’s toys in the garage and came across these portable trash bag holders. Genius!


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