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Wishy Washy Wednesday

Its the last week before EH goes back to school and I feel like I am scattered in all different directions. One minute I’m totally consumed with clients which then inspires me to “perfect” one of my own rooms. The next, Im thinking back to school parties and gathering for both adults and kiddos. Then Im procrastinating by organizing my linens. Yesterday my sis-in-law said she was going to start worrying about me if I started to iron my underwear and socks, ha!

Client Update-

One of my longtime clients is about to get some fabulous cornice boards for their master bedroom



Another is in the middle of massive decorating project and bedding is the topic of the week.

My Home:

Last night I got the genius idea to “hire” my dear friend and business partner to redo my entire master bedroom and “surprise” me. These are the looks Im drawn to that I sent her. Cant wait to see what she comes up with!

Wednesday Wish List:

Ive mostly been shopping for clients, but did come across Mark & Graham. Totally obsessed with their leather goods.

Lastly procrastination got the best of me on Monday and I tackled my linen drawers. Last week I rearranged some furniture which displaced all of the items they held. Two of the pieces held linens. I have a love of linens, especially those that came from family members. Needless to say I have a collection. I also love to use linens when entertaining. It is so much nicer to sit down to dinner with a pretty cloth napkin in your lap.

I started out with this “hot mess


Then ironed everything so its ready to go when I need it.

Iron face down incase iron leaves residue.

After pressing my collection I rolled, tied and labeled them.IMG_8288 Finally everything was ready to be stored back in my china cabinet drawers and 2 buffets. Much to my surprise having things organized took up much less space. I went from needing 9 drawers (some very small) to 3 descent sized drawers!



One thought on “Wishy Washy Wednesday

  1. Dear friend wants to know where in the world do you get the time for this. I have to “unfriend” you for a day to get time to just do basic cleaning. Gotta love my energizer bunny! Now come organize my house while I designer your bedroom.


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