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Summer Projects…update

Summer has come and gone. More like flew by! Back in June I created a “Summer Project List”. With EH having been out of school I am pleasantly surprised at how much I actually accomplished!

  1. First on the list was to give EH’s bath a makeover…CHECK
EH's Bath Before
EH’s Bath Before
EH’s Bath after
EH's Bath after
EH’s Bath after

2. Second on the List was to finish my headboard. This didn’t completely get finished. While I did add nail head trim, the tufting has yet to be done. I did however get new drapes, recover a chair and add a pillow. Thats progress right?

I started with these fabrics. Bright and happy! The inspiration fabric is an chinoiserie pagoda, Pagoda So Kind


This chair belonged to my grandmother and sat in her master bedroom. Every time I enter my bedroom I see this chair and think of her. This was my first attempt at recovering a chair and for the most part was a success!

Before- Orange velvet cane barrel back chair
Before- Orange velvet cane barrel back chair
Before- Orange velvet cane barrel back chair
Before & After

Next was a bolster pillow for the bed. Have I ever mentioned how much I dislike zippers!


Custom bolster pillow
Custom bolster pillow

The master bath also got a cornice board!

Master bath valance


My master bedroom is finally coming together. I still need to recover/slipcover the chaise, paint a few furniture pieces, add new lamps Foo Dog of course) and maybe a leopard rug!



Drapes- Target Threshold Dot Lattice

3. Third on the list was the Master Bath! Am I ever so happy we no longer have to look at wallpaper!


Unfortunately the guest bedroom still hasn’t gotten drapes and the master bath has yet to get new linens or hardware, but overall it was a very successful summer!

 I almost forgot the buffet!

Befpre & After
Befpre & After

Plus, several of our clients received a few custom items as well…

Cornice boards for a master bedroom:


Pillows for a young girls bedroom:

Recovered dining room chairs. Isn’t this fabric fabulous!


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