Home Decor

Welcoming Autumn

Autumn has got to be one of the best times of year! Until recently I would have argued, hands down, that Christmas was #1, but Im starting to sway…Cool mornings, crisp nights, football, changing leaves, smells, pumpkins, comfort foods, Halloween & Thanksgiving!

Ok, Fall is definitely starting to take the lead.

How better to welcome fall into your home than with a fabulous wreath. I typically go for an understaed grapevine wreath that allows me to swap out seasonal items.

ASHouse Phesant

But, thats taking the easy way out. I have a Pinterest Autumn board that is full of festive creative wreaths, that aren’t that complicated or expensive.

Which would you chose to Welcome Autumn (and gusts) into your home?

A. Sheltnerness- moss with pumpkins

Greenery & pumpkins

B. Etsy- Grapevine with wheat & bow (purchase on Etsy)

Etsy- straw & monogram

C. The Handmade Home- cotton wreath

Handmade Home- cotton

D. Turnstyle Vogue- Grapevine & football

Grapevine & football

E. Pussy Willow Wreath

Pussy Willow

F. Etsy- Grapevine, leaves & bittersweet (purchase on Etsy)

Grapevine, Leaves, Bittersweet

G. StoneGable blog- Indian Corn 

Dried corn

H. Refresh & Restyle- feathers & white pumpkins

Feathers & pumpkins


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