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Wednesday Wishlist

Happy fall y’all!

I hope your “holiday season” has gotten off to a good start! I am in shock at how quickly time is flying. I just realized EH’s 1st Halloween party is next Tuesday. Someone,I mean I, need to get crackin on a costume! (Hint, hint…he’s green and dates a pig.)

This last week I’ve been client shopping, as well as Christmas shopping and finding a few things that would be fabulous for me as well!

(Click on the pictures for links to store websites.)

Client Treasures…

Iron Horse Lamp (Athens Antique Mall)
Iron Horse Lamp (Athens Antique Mall)
Antique Yokes (Athens Antique Mall)
Vanity Mirror (Athens Antique Mall)

My sis-in-law is about to move and is in search for a pedestal breakfast table…

Pedestal table (Junk in the Trunk)

I found this rustic serving platter at Target! Perfect for The Pine!

Round Rough Edge Serve Platter (Target)
Round Rough Edge Serve Platter (Target)

Christmas Ideas…

A close family friend recently bought a yacht! These dishes would be a perfect addition!

Anchor china (Athens Antique Mall)
Anchor china (Athens Antique Mall)

A tooth brush cup and salt/pepper shakers…Great gifts!

Blue and White
Blue and White (Athens Antique Mall)

How perfect is this wagon to store small toys!

Noah’s Ark Child’s wagon (Athens Antique Mall)

A close friend of mine has a giraffe obsession! Check out this planter…

Giraffe planter (Junk in the Trunk)

Found this Iron Elephant lamp!

Iron Elephant Lamp (Junk in the Trunk)

Treasures for me!

How adorable is this “Butler”!

Man’s Best Friend Butler

This yellow & blue chinoiserie tureen would brighten any room!IMG_9227

Gotta love a Foo Dog!

Found at a local estate sale

Im in search of a bamboo “shelf” for the powder room. Not sure about the mirrors on this one but love the size!

Target has these heads..wicker and wire. Great for a kids room or holiday decor!

IMG_9204 IMG_9205

Ive been looking for a table to go in my laundry room to fold clothes on…An Antique ironing board wold be perfect! Not only would it fold away if needed, but be a functional decor piece as well!


Fell in love with this chair…IMG_9197

And this chest!IMG_9196

More Foo Dogs! IMG_9181

Love this Charlotte Moss fabric, Mougin CM…Im considering recovering two chairs and this is at the top of the list!IMG_9169

What a neat Halloween idea and so easy to recreate!IMG_9136

I hope you all are starting to get into the spirit! I am about to start putting most of my energy into decorating my parents new home for their first party…On Halloween!

Happy Fall Y’all!


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