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October…Week 1…Done!

The first full week of October is in the books and I’ll have to admit it was a productive one.



Earlier in the week the cooler morning temps encouraged me to start working on our fire pit. I immediately went to Pinterest for ideas.

The Plan: layout pavers in a checker board pattern filing in the spaces with gravel. This would give stability to the benches I made last year and seemed cost effective.

Ran some errands and got a few supplies. Then threw a few pieces out to see what it really looked like.


Not good! This plan w as trashed rethought.

Now Im thinking it will look more like this…

New plan: Mulch, Rocks and adirondack chairs

Our county is awesome and they mulch all of the leaf and limb they pick up weekly for locals to use for free!

Our entire yard is bordered with rocks, so I can use them for a border to keep the mulch in.

This is where I am so far…


Hoping to order these adirondack chairs too!



I worked on making some wreaths a few friends have asked for.


This one is still a work in progress, but will be so great for Thanksgiving!

I also got to enjoy lunch (a very rare event) with dear girlfriends! This is something hope to start doing more of now that EH is in school full day. Friendships are important to maintain!


I was invited to a trunk show for Jenna Burke Design and got to meet Jenna!


Jenna has taken a hobby that happens to be a passion and turned it into a thriving business!

That evening I got to enjoy dinner with an old girlfriend. I love trying new recipes and this was definitely a “do over”!

Linguine with Chicken and Mushrooms

Family Circle Oct 2016, recipe below

Do Over: a phrase used in my family that means lets to that over & over & over its sooo good!

Screen Shot 2016-10-10 at 3.39.16 PM.png


EH and I got a late start on our Halloween decorating.

It is so much fun to see the excitement he gets from hanging massive spiders and setting out jack-o-lanterns!


My cousin came to visit.Cheers…

Were going to try and get together once a month and cook a “fancy” meal. This time we grabbed my mom’s french cookbook The Food of France: A Journey for Food Lovers and made Boeuf Bourguignon!


 I must close with  this shot from Instagram…this describes me PERFECTLY after this weekend and a 5:45am wake up call from the little guy!img_5943

I hope your October is off to a wonderful beginning! This coming week is going to be a bit more calm, so hopefully Ill be able to get back to some of my projects and maybe clean the house, but where’s the fun in that!

See you soon…


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