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Either it’ll get done or it won’t!

Welcome to Crazyville…Population 1.

 It appears I’ve gone and done it AGAIN! Over booked and over extended myself.


Love to entertain. I love a house full. I get excited to start the planning process (thank you Pinterest and Mac Numbers party template) and feel fulfilled when celebrating holidays, birthdays and achievements with those I love.

This weekend happens to be one of my childhood friends birthday, Nieces birthday, the anticipated yearly battle between GA/FL (GOOOO DAWGS!)  and don’t forget Halloween.

So far the only smart thing I did was break a promise to myself and not spend hours making EH’s Flash costume.


I did however plan a Girls dinner for 8 and Halloween party for 50😳.  And, as usual by best friend (and oldest sis-in-law) told me at least once (a day) I’ve “officially lost it, again!”


How do I get myself into the messes? It’s easy!

My childhood friend was gonna be in town, which is rare. It’s also rare she gets to see many of our friends. So why not offer to host an intimate dinner! More on this later this week…


As for Halloween, we moved into our neighborhood 2 yrs ago. We tried trick or treating here the 1st year (pretty dead in the ‘hood) and at my parents the second (over the top insane). This year I thought why not see if I can get my neighborhood involved and how better to do that? Host a chili cook-off!


I know, sounds like a lot to pack into 3 days…It is, but not if your are organized and you keep in mind that “If it doesn’t get done, It doesn’t get done and no ones gonna know but you.” More famous words from my very wise sis-in-law.

  1. Start with a plan. One of my favorite things about my Mac are the templates offered in Numbers (their spreadsheet program). There is a “party planner” that organizes your budget, guest list, to do list, etc… Another important thing to mention is to make sure you plan a meal that allows you to be social as well and not isolated, stressed and sweating in the kitchen.
  2. Make sure you stick with your cleaning scheduleIMG_8126
  3. Prioritize your “to do list” with the Most important items (food, alcohol, etc.) at the top and “No one will notice” items at the bottom (in this case: personalized placemats, clean playroom, etc)

Then just like that it’s Saturday morning and like it or not, times up! Let the festivities begin…Im looking forward to this fun filled weekend with family & friends, good food, and Halloween festivities…

Happy Halloween!



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