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ASHouse Ever-changing Room

Happy Wednesday (aka Hump day). I hope you all had a spooktacular Halloween! We had a fabulous evening, but I am sad to report I did not take a single picture. While I can’t share any party pics I can say that the 1st Simonton Place Halloween Chili Cook-off was a huge success!!! Since then EH has been home sick so the house is still a disaster and the laundry is piling up. Im optimistic he’ll be back to school tomorrow (fingers crossed).


I found this post I started a year ago that was never published and have updated it to share…

The front room of the ASHouse has been a thorn in my side since day one! It is seen from all parts of the main floor except the kitchen and since it is open to the family room its seems silly for it to be a 2nd living space. There really is no division other than the french doors which don’t offer much in the way of privacy, nor do they muffle sound.

The first and foremost problem with this room-I can not figure out what I want it to be…a living room, sitting room, office? Since moving in a year 2 years ago this room has gone through several somewhat significant upheavals.

Before moving in we had a blank slate (minus the drapes and mirror)…

Living Rm

After taking both of these down I truly was a blank slate.

Living Rm

Phase 1

On moving day I knew  thought I knew  where I wanted most pieces to go. The sleeper sofa was given to us by my brother and sister in-law for the playroom. But I thought it would “take up space” nicely here until finding something that fit the room better.

Phase 1
Phase 1

The fern chairs were some of my favorite pieces. I had those custom made right after we married. Unfortunately they are no longer here thanks to my elderly cat who has decided to boycott litter boxes. And yes, much to most of our friends dismay he is still with us and will be til the messy end.  I say messy because he creates quite a mess!

Round 1

Phase 2:

The sleeper sofa eventually found its permanent home in EH’s playroom and was replaced with a sofa table that was in the family room.


The marble top chest between the windows was replaced with this small chest. A rug, mirror, crystal chandelier and valances were also added.



This small ladies drop leaf desk was a good find and provides a space for me to corral my things.


Phase 3:

Since moving into the ASHouse my parents acquired my Dad’s childhood home and remodeled it. This is where I have been lucky to get several pieces such as this buffet below  (and crystal chandelier mentioned earlier).


This piece was built into my grandmothers kitchen. When they removed it they were able to save the base and counter top. The upper cabinets fell apart, but the doors were salvaged and will hopefully be incorporated into a later project.

A.L.P. Buffet before

Throughout their remodel it was stored in their basement and subjected to cats, dampness and who knows what else. Knowing this I went ahead and brought it to the ASHouse.


It needed a little TLC, but after a descent sanding, new stain and sealer it has been brought back to life.

The plan was to have it built into our kitchen (which did happen February 2016, post to come). Until this it resided in the front room and made a great bar with loads of storage.


Phase 4:

This time I actually started with a picture for inspiration:

Via McCroskey Interiors

And a plan:



The current and most recent make over of this room was by far the most labor intensive…

Bookcases were added and along with a custom banquette bench all pieced together you get the appearance they are built in.

A.L.P.- ASHouse Sitting Room

The bookcases were my parents Ethan Allen circa 1980’s. I swear every body and their brother has a piece or two from this collection (We also have some bedside tables in EH’s room). They are all well built and easy adapted with a few coats of paint.


After getting them painted I was able to paint and hardwire sconces on the inside to add some additional character, depth and more of a custom appearance.


Finally I was able to construct a banquet seat (post on this and the lighting later) to connect the 2 bookcases, add some softness with fabrics and pillows as well as a place for me to enjoy my morning coffee and EH to read.


Then I added EH’s table and chairs. These pieces are great for when he wants to draw/color and are the perfect size for a coffee table.

Amy's Latest ASHouse kids table/coffee table

Lastly, My petite drop leaf desk was moved to the smaller wall, a rug was swapped and the marble top chest was moved back in.


I still don’t have an “official name” for this room, but it does make me happy to look into and pass by. It is a huge focal point of our house being situated between the front door and family room. And at lest for now it is finished!

Please leave a comment below if you have a name for this room…Every room needs a name dont’cha think?

Until next time,



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