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DIY Deck Gate

Amy's Latest DIY Deck Gate

Yesterday EH & I built a gate for our deck. A project that has been on my “to do” list for a while now. For at least the last year we’ve been using an old fireplace screen to keep Alex (my 12 yr old chihuahua on the deck) safe from the family of hawks that live in our back yard. While it worked wonderfully for Alex, it was not convenient for people to pass through.


I had to run to Lowes to get supplies to make a chalkboard for The Root (post on that tomorrow) and figured…Well, these are two somewhat simple projects…why not tackle them both!

So, here we go-

Lets start with the supply list:

  • Wood board(s) I happen to have 2 that were 1×4
  • deck screws
  • Gate hinge & latch kit
  • 7- Baulsters (didn’t measure before shopping and only got 6, back to Lowes I go.
  • 1 hook and I latch (optional, see step 8)
  • tape measure
  • drill
  • pen/marker
  • skill saw (optional, Lowes will/can cut the wood for you)

Now for the steps:

  1. Measure first! The height of my gate was predetermined by the length of the Balusters I purchased (which is typically standard). To get the width I measured the opening (40″) and subtracted 1 inch to allow for the swing (so my gate needed to be 39″ wide. Using my Skill Saw (a most appreciated gift from dear friends!) I cut the 1×4’s down to size, 39″ each. Amy's Latest DIY Deck Gate...always measure 1st!
  2. To assemble the frame I simply laid out the top and bottom 39″ pieces (newly cut 1×4) and far left & right balusters. Amy's Latest DIY Deck Gate-
  3. Lined them up square and attached each with 2 deck screws on the top and bottom. Amy's Latest DIY Deck Gate
  4. The 4th step was to figure out how far apart to space the Balusters that would fill in the gate…The balusters on the existing deck railing were 4.5″ apart and I wanted it to appear similar and balanced. For this to happen my balusters needed to be 5″ apart.Amy's Latest DIY Deck Gate
  5. I attached each Baluster with 1 deck screw a the top and bottom. I love these screws! They come with their own drill bit and usually don’t require pre-drilling! I should have predrilled on the older wood I used, oops.

    Amy's Latest DIY Deck Gate- Deck Screws
    Deck+Plus screws (similar)
  6. Now you need to attach the hinges and unfortunately I didn’t get a single picture…While EH is a LOT of help (and he really is) he also adds a bit more concentration, repetition of steps and much explanation of EVERYTHING…I totally forgot to get pics, sorry.Amy's Latest DIY Deck Gate- Gate Kit

    To start I dry fit the gate in the space to make sure it fit, eyeballed where the hinges would go, and screwed them on. Easy peasy… This step would have been a lot easer with a 2nd set of hands (that had the strength to actually hold the gate in place, but we made due just fine!)

  7. Next, attach the lock. Again, no “how to” pics (sorry), but the Gate Kit came with good directions!Amy's Latest DIY Deck Gate- lock
  8. Lastly, I added one more part to my gate…I knew we wouldn’t always want the bother of opening and hearing the slam of the gate, so I attached a hook and Eye latch to hold it open.

Now to run back to Lowes to get the last baluster!

Amy's Latest DIY Deck Gate
An almost finish gate & EH taking a break from al the hard work!

Ta Da!Amy's Latest DIY Deck Gate

Now we have security for Alex and any littles that visit!

Until next time,



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