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DIY Rustic Chalkboard

Amy's Latest- DIY rustic chalk board

For a while now P has been asking me to make a chalkboard for The Root to showcase specials. To be honest I have no idea why it took me so long to add it to my “to do” list, but for what ever reason it did and now I feel silly. This took all of about 2 hours from shopping, to painting, to assembly.

Amy's Latest- DIY rustic chalk board

To start I already had most of the supplies needed:

  • hard board (left over from the shelving Sons of Sawdust built to hold all of the liquor)
  • Chalkboard paint
  • wood to frame your chalkboard or large existing frame you are repurposing or salvaged. In this case I needed to match the already existing rustic decor of The Root so I went with  lumber from Lowes that had been treated (front side only) to look like “barn wood”. They come 1x4x8 and are just under $9 a piece. This project need 2 pieces.
  • mini rollers & paint tray
  • adhesive ( I used some left over silicone from the moulding project in the ASHouse foyer and ASHouse sitting room
  • screws (I keep a random screw drawer of left over screws)
  • Skill saw (optional, if you have your measurements w/ you when you go to Lowes they will cut necessary items for you)

The first step is to paint the surface that will be the chalk board. In this case the hardboard. I usually do 3 coats & chalk paint dries quickly, so you don’t have to wait long between coats. While waiting, I touched up our mail box with some spray paint, added the last baluster to the deck gate I built yesterday, changed out a load of laundry, etc. You see where Im going with this…each coat needs about 10 min to dry before applying the next.

Amy's Latest- DIY rustic chalk board

Next I measured the length of the now painted hardboard and made my first cut of the “barn wood” 1×4. I applied it with some “glue” or silicone in my case and then added a small screw thru the back at each end.

Amy's Latest- DIY rustic chalk board

From here I worked my way around the board measuring and cutting the 1×4(s), glueing them on and adding some screws at the ends…

TA DA…You now have a very easy, inexpensive HUGE chalkboard! Now its just got to make its way to The Root to be hung.

Amy's Latest- DIY rustic chalk board

Until next time,



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